Gone the Grass

Gone the grass, has turned to hay
Green so lush, has turned to gray
Withered through the autumn storms
Bent and broken, weak and worn

Weeping willow, branches low
Easy now, the river flows
Autumn came and went that day
When the grass did turn so gray

That day so passed
And here I stand
In search for time
That slipped my hand
Where did it go
I did not see
Is that what life was meant to be?

A passing day
It quickly went
And hours numbered
Were all spent

So green and lovely were your spring
When larks so happy came to sing
And summer came
And you stood high
And shelter gave for deer to hide

But now I look to withered grass
The sign that summer did now pass
I gently touch the fragile straw
That rain and wind so harshly tore

May you now rest in peace, I say
While winter snow will deck you hay
And slowly then
You’ll fade away

And yet, with time, when you’re all gone
And winter cold gives way to sun
And spring returns with carefree days
My mind so awkwardly, it strays

While I rejoice in new grown green
The withered hay’s no longer seen
I carry with me every day
The years that passed when grass turned hay

Copyright © Lilli Wendt 6. januar 2024