Golden Moments

Så kom der lige en lille sang til mig her til morgen. Melodien har jeg i mit hoved, men jeg er som tidligere nævnt helt uden evner til at få noderne skrevet ned, så hvis I får lyst til at skrive en ny melodi, så vil det være fantastisk. Her er den så. Håber I kan lide den.

Golden Moments 

Dearest friend, I am so glad
Dearest friend, I ever had
Waited so long time for you to come
To see me here

Precious moments here to share
Joy and laughter everywhere
Not a gloomy cloud in sight
We will smile and drink tonight

Golden moments full of joy
Golden moments full of joy

Do not blame me if I hide
All the darkest hours in the night
When my heart is full of grief
Let it go like autumn’s leaves

You should not be sad for me
There is no reason it should be
Life will pass and rain must come
Thunderstorms for me to face alone

I’m so grateful that you’re here
and I feel your warmth and care
You have lots of worries too
and I know there’s nothing I can do

Do not blame me I don’t share
All these hours of despair
I don’t want you to feel sad
Such grey clouds would just be bad

All my problems you cannot solve
There are too many in the bowl
Before your heart so true and kind
I must draw my thickest blinds

Fill the glasses up with wine
Stars are in the sky and shine
Light the candles warm the night
Golden moments, share the light

Golden moments full of joy
Golden moments full of joy

Such golden moments should be free
Of all worries that could ever be
Golden moments, precious times
I will keep them in my mind

In my heart they’ll always stay
When again you go away
Purest gold to keep me warm
Shield me from the toughest storms

Golden moments full of joy
Golden moments full of joy

Copyright © Lilli Wendt 28. juli 2019