In search of the flickering light

Candle, candle, flame that flickers
Always moving, moving
Seldom calm, now here, now there
The wind blows strong and fierce
Seems like it’ll never cease

Through darkness I roam
With fear and future visions
Will it end
Where is the path
The tiles are broken, disarranged
Cannot be found easily

I search for your hand
Travelling alone, my mind uneasy
Weeds crawling into the path
No sunlight to be seen
Nothing but sticky brambles
Catching my head, trickling blood

Behind me, lights keep fading
My story no longer visible
It seems like ages since I drank wine
And broke bread with friendly faces
Will you come looking for me
I ask of you, my voice unrecognizable

As if by miracle, suddenly
You touch my arm
So gentle, so kind, a blessing
And morning comes and light returns
And I will bear the days and nights to come
Just to see you smile once more

Copyright © Lilli Wendt 23. april 2021